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Our Roots

Rooted in Orlando, FLA. Located in the City Beautiful, New Growth sprouted as a response to a growing need for farm fresh food produced in our urban context. A team of passionate, driven growers and enthusiasts; a homestead committed to production and efficiency; a desire to see excellently grown fresh food flood Orlando's local marketplace, we grow food to grow our community. 


Our Farms

A multi-site urban market garden, we specialize in big growing in small spaces. Using low-to-no-till, ecologically-friendly natrual practices - with majority hand-powered tools and equipment - our quick-rotation plots stay actively producing for most of the year. Presently growing in the Fairview Shores, Greenwood, and Thornton Park neighborhoods of Orlando. 


our style


a 1/4 acre bio-intensive orlando market garden

3 quick-rotation growing sites

natural and practicing organic

Chef-forard quality and selection

soil fertility focused

low to no tillage



city grown | farm fresh