our roots

Rooted in Orlando, FLA.

Located in the City Beautiful, New Growth sprouted as a response to a growing need for farm fresh food produced in our urban context. A team of passionate, driven growers and enthusiasts; a homestead committed to production and efficiency; a desire to see excellently grown fresh food flood Orlando's local marketplace, we grow food to grow our community. 

Four passionate individuals comprising two families, New Growth was born as an answer to how to use available land more productively to cultivate a space for greater creativity, passion, an expanding body of experience, knowledge and information, all while producing useful resources for life and community. 

Circumstantially finding each other along the journey of life in Orlando, these visionary growers banded together to raise high-quality, high-yield crops that would not only provide a means for feeding themselves and their families, but also to create abundance to share with their dynamic and rapidly-expanding community. 

With an ethical approach to living and growing, the growers of New Growth are adamant about dynamically